The Issues Facing America 's Economy Essay

1442 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
My Republican views come out when the topic of taxes are brought up. The debate regarding whether to raise or lower taxes is one of the biggest issues facing America’s economy. According to the 10 Core Republican Values, American’s should not and will not continue to pay higher taxes. The state and local taxes must be decreased in order to protect the financial health of the economy and the citizens. Where my belief differs from the Republican Party is in the belief that the rich should have increased taxes while the middle-class taxes decrease. Taxing the rich makes complete sense because when the economy goes down the government is going to be looking for different ways to bring in the income. The rich are the only ones who are comfortably going to be able to afford the tax increase. Increased taxes is also justified on a morel standpoint if used as a tool for redistribution. If the wealthy is being taxed more, the money could go to aiding the poorer parts of America. Countries like Australia and Canada have successful economies in terms of growth regardless of increased taxes. Money needs to be used to help with defense, education, health, social security and much more and the money needs to come from somewhere so some help should come from those who can afford to lose a little money instead of putting the already poor into a bigger and deeper hole. Many people will make the argument that the rich should not have to pay higher taxes because they worked for every penny…

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