The Issues Being Covered So Far Essay example

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1. The issues being covered so far in the news are mostly about Trump and how he wants to take out all the illegals out of the country. Many different types of religions are scare; such as muslims and the christians. Those two groups fear the most of what will happen during the next few months because Muslims can get deported and so can Hispanic christians. There is also a news article about how after a violent week, churches are praying and searching for hope and forgiveness. There was a vigil held because of the fatal shooting of innocent civilians and a police officer, Harry Lynch. It was a horrible week of racial violence that made church leaders want their congregation to pray and search for comfort, hope, and guidance. The traditions that are adressed include praying during a time of need, and coming together when horrible situations have happened.
2. There are many churches in my neighborhood that are either five or twenty minutes away. Theses churches include Baptist churches, Seventh-day Adventist Churches, Catholic churches, community churches, Evangelical Covenant Churches, Church of God, Methodist churches, and some Jehovah’s Witnessess Churches. There is a community church that is very near where I live and I always see a lot of cars parked there. The church I go to is in Sanford and not a lot of people attend because it is a small hispanic church. I can find out more of where other churches are near me bysearching it on the internet and looking at their…

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