Essay on The Issues Affecting Common People

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According to the books context, it covers some of the real issues affecting common people. The rural black residents are isolated especially in the coastal region of Georgia. They sustain low-quality life in the region whereby they lack some of the basics of the municipal services. The content of the book indicates that these group of people do not access to employment after a long establishment of the civil rights movement over a decade. The group of the resident seems to lack education, making them have a rough relationship with other communities. The experience with the people from these region shows how they are stubborn to deal with them. Thurnell Alston is one of the characters identified by the book whereby it introduces courageous character trait. The identified character has shown the effort to gain equal right whereby the people in this community have been going through tough times. On the consideration of these factors, the people especially the wealth used Negroes in their personal interest and gains through overworking them and keeping them hungry. The notation gives analysis that it was easier to control these Negroes when hungry according to Sheriff.
Thurnell started working on the restoration of the dignity of this community of black people. He began through keeping track of the appropriate measures and ensuring the restoring status of the people. The issue regarding the community dignity, issues such as unequal allocation of the resources has contributed to…

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