The Issue Of Women 's Identity Essay

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One critical argument emerged from recent news was made by actress Jennifer Aniston on the issue of women’s identity in society was mainly assessed regarding their marital status and reproductive decision. In the essay published on Huffington Post, the actress criticized enduring notion that “women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful, or unhappy if they’re not married.” This particular perception has hindered the fight for independence and freedom of experiencing life other than motherhood. While both men and women realized the outcomes of childfree, in most cases, women were more pressured by society’s assumptions and stigmas, while men less concerned with making decision. The following paper focuses on the motivations behind voluntary childlessness and the stigmas and problems presented in current social context.

In the article “It’s the Choices You Make That Get You There”, Brumley and Settle explore the diversity of complex factors resulted in different pathways (2014). Voluntary childlessness is either an active or passive decision that was driven by several factors rather than one particular in a defined time. Women who are actively certain decided that having children preventing them from achieving economic independence and opportunities for self-fulfillment. With passive deciders, the pathway was more ambivalent without any push or pull factors, or women drawn to motherhood but felt constrained by many shortcomings in career development and intensive mothering…

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