The Issue Of Transgender Rights Essay example

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Transgender Rights To be transgender means to be the opposite of the predictable notions of being male or female. People coming out as transgender is something that is beginning to be more common in society today. Currently, transgender people face discrimination or even bullying in school. Most citizens who are transgender are confronted with poverty because employers avoid hiring those who are transgender. Transgender students face bullying in school and often attempt to commit suicide. Transgender citizens should have more rights protecting them because of higher suicide risks, discrimination, and poverty due to the unemployment rate of those who are transgender. According to the Educational Law Journal, gender identity is developed in the brain and could already be resolute before a baby is ever born. It is a mistaken belief that children start to feel like a boy or girl at the age of nine. They can show their identity at preschool age levels by decision of the toys they want to play with or clothes that they decide they want to wear. School impacts children greatly with finding out their true gender identity around ages four-to-six. In school children are taught the ‘normal’ toys that boys and girls are ‘supposed to play with. For example, girls tend to go toward make-up and Barbie dolls. Boys tend to play with trucks and cars. At the age of eleven, children may start to deal with confusion and frustration because they are taught to do what is considered normal and…

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