Essay on The Issue Of The Road For Equal Rights

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At a point in history where there was so much controversy over segregation and where minorities were treated unfairly it was easy to see that there was no one solution to such a problem. One may have anticipated that the road to equal rights would be a long and bumpy one. However, they may not have anticipated that a start up record label out of Detroit would play an important role in the movement towards Civil Rights. This record label would change the face of music in the 60s to allow for young African-American artists to enter the scene with a fighting chance. In 1959, an African American man named Berry Gordy took initiative and started his own record label in Detroit. This record label was originally named “Tamla Records” but was later renamed and more commonly known as “Motown Records,” inspired by Detroit 's nickname- Motor City or Motor Town. “Berry Gordy created a 24 hour, hit making and artist development factory, nurturing the artistic talent of singers, writers, producers, as well as corporate executives” (Motown Music). Gordy developed artists who were known all over the world for their sound and style. Gordy emphasized the importance of the White American audience when conditioning new artists. The label maintained control over an artist’s image. Gordy required artists to wear fashionable clothing, wigs, and makeup at all times in public as well as attend lessons for dancing, manners, and speech. “Off it’s famed ‘production lines’ rolled songs by Smokey…

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