The Issue Of The Lgbt Community Essay

1725 Words Jun 7th, 2016 null Page
How is LGBT community are being discriminated in different parts of world Hate crime is happening every day in all over the world. Most of the victims of hate crime are homosexuals. Many people are guilty of discrimination against lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, whether consciously, or unconsciously. LGBT community is faced with daily discrimination from society, peers, family and school teachers and administration, and even from their government. Hate crimes also come in different forms such as hate speech, mentally torturing, physically abusing, and even murdering. Hate crimes are happening too frequently in Russia. Although, there are few national and state level laws that supposedly regulate hate crimes, the effect of them has very little impact on the society. Homosexual faced many forms of hate crime in Russia. Most common and horrendous one is physically abusing. On November 23rd, 2014, there was a harmful attack on Gay Club with harmful gas. The assailants sprayed toxic gas inside the club. The employees quickly used a smoke removal machine to filter the gas from the club. The club’s general director, Andrey Leschinsky said to the media, “They are spraying the gas inside the club premises, thereby trying to express their extremist views against the LGBT community, which likes to visit our club” (Nichols). It shows how much hatred gays receive from society just because they are being who they are. Homosexuals have never been a…

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