The Issue Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

1594 Words Nov 10th, 2016 7 Pages
Assignment 2
Shenmin (Eric) Zhu

CMNS 262
Question 1: Describe the current issue that you are going to analyze. Explain the logic of your comparison. For example, are you comparing content in similar articles across different cities within the same newspaper chain? Two articles “Delta goes to court to close marijuana shop” published by two newspaper titles The Leader and Delta Optimist report on the controversial issue regarding the legalization of marijuana. In this case, about B.C. Supreme Court ordering a marijuana shop in Delta shut down. According to both reports, the WeeMedical Dispensary Society was sued by Delta council for operating without business licence after refusing to close. The society was also fined close to $12,000 dollars since the business continued to operate. The opening of the dispensary violates the Delta’s local bylaw since it is prohibitive to produce, store or sell medical marijuana anywhere in the municipality. Two articles are compared under the logic that Delta Optimist is owned by glacier media, whereas The Leader is under Black Press’s control. From what I have learned in assignment 1, two presses control the majority of the newspaper titles and the power is divided geographically. The fact that two newspaper titles are owned by different newspaper chains may reflect different ideologies and political stands. Critical discourse analysis helps to define the power relationship and hidden structure…

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