The Issue Of Stem Cell Research Essay

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With all the wicked problems our country goes through, we are always questioning ourselves if we are doing the right or wrong thing. For this report I will be talking about the United States Health Care. Specifically, I will be focusing on what exactly stem cells are and the ideological perspectives of the conservative and liberal ideas about stem cell research in America. Stem cell research has become a big issue in the scientific and religious communities in the United States. You may be asking yourself what is stem cell research. First I will go over what stem cells are so you can get an understanding of them. I watched a video about stem cells on YouTube by The Irish Stem Cell Foundation. They explained what stem cells are very well and it made it easier to understand. They said our body has about two hundred types of cells, each cell type has a certain job, for example a skin cell works with the skin and a muscle cell works with the muscles. Stem cells are a subset of cells that are able to create more stem cells and they can also create different kind of cells. There are two types of stem cells; they can either be embryonic or adult stem cells, “Embryonic stem cells can generate all cell types of the human body” and “Adult stem cells produce only a limited number of human cell types” (Irishstemcell). Stem cells have the ability to make replacement cells for the ones lost through injury or disease. With all that in mind, we see that stem cells are very important to…

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