The Issue Of Slavery On Our Freedom By Jan Rogozi Ń Ski Essay example

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In history books, slavery is often noted as a thing of the past, or something that never reached the magnitude as it did in the seventeenth century, this is just hope peering thru the text instead of reality. As many issues in todays world, humans would like to think that we have over come the mistakes made in our history and that we have bettered the wrong doings of our ancestors. In reality, the issue of slavery has become conspicuous in the modern times. Even though slavery has been outlawed in every country, some form of it still persists all over the world. The abundance of slavery in the world infringes on our freedom. Jan Rogoziński, in his A brief History of the Caribbean states that, “before the 19th century, hardly anyone was free in our sense of the word” [Rogoziński 131]. The statement implies what we all hope, that we have achieved freedom, and therefore progressed to not have slavery. This cannot be so, when slavery is still prevalent. Slavery is seen in such a array of ways as traditional form, a systematic form and a psychological form, and thus we have not achieved the freedom of people. The systems of oppression are extensions of slavery as they are meant to keep “Those who support the growth and development of prison slavery in the U.S. do not call it slavery, but rather argue that it is wage labor much like the capitalist workplace outside prisons” [Bair, 8]. Bair continues to say that “prison labor is in fact a form of slavery” and thus…

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