The Issue Of Slavery And The United States Essay

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The issue of slavery can be traced back to 1787 when the constitution was written. Delegates from the north opposed the idea of slavery being counted as votes in the Senate, while delegates from the south approved of it. The slavery issue was never vanished into thin air since it returned into the Unites States after the slave trade was legalized in 1808. A elevating question arose which was, what should the new territories that would admission to the United States be? slave or free state. This led to the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which settled the dispute by stating that territories above the borderline of missouri would be free states, and the states under the line would be slave states. However, the question would be absorbed back into the U.S instantaneously after the U.S won several territories after the Mexican American war in 1846, creating a wave of confused people revolving around the debate over slavery. Despite the constant tensions between the north and south over slavery, the views and oppression of slaves were the same, where slaves were seen as inferior to whites and were sectionalized through the south. During the early 1800s, Britain was industrializing and the south was booming in cotton after the invention of the cotton gin. This led to massive demand of slavery since new plantations were being risen as territories expanded. Eventually Missouri wanted to bring itself into the United States as a slave state. This created shocking fear in…

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