The Issue Of Sex Trafficking Essay

1351 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
The current issue of sex trafficking today is the lack of efficiency within the laws implemented for sex trafficking . Many laws today are in effect that intend on assisting victims and punishing the traffickers, but currently within this time period more woman and children are being trafficked into sex slavery then the victims being saved by the Trafficking Protection Act. Various reasons can be concluded from this as stated in many sources below, the lack of identification of a victim plays a key role into determining which victims are of human trafficking and which woman are willing participants. All though it is stated that the TVPA does give benefits to victims of trafficking, it has many requirements that some victims especially traumatized do not have. Many victims unaware they are victims, require the care needed in order to help them physically and mentally in order to be stable. The problem within the United States is that the government should take action and take human trafficking more seriously as they do with the drug industry. The number of woman and children being forced into human trafficking is slowly increasing each day and as stated in on source, the numbers of woman eligible for the Trafficking Protection Act range very low. Of the sources implied below, many speak out of the lack of assistance towards many woman and children due to decriminalization that occurs often when victims are caught or arrested by law enforcement. Many of the articles stated…

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