The Issue Of Religion Versus Science Essay

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The issue of religion versus science has been a long ongoing debate that seem to have no

end in sight.This is the major theme that runs through the essay “God, Science and Imagination,”

written by Wendell Berry as it explores the different realms of the religious scholars and

scientific scholars in their support of the stand that they take in regards to the existence of God,

explaining the inherent faith of Christians in a supernatural being and mere imagination. Jane

Goodall, “In the Forest of Gombe,” whereby she delves into the relationship between science and


The association between the fundamentalist view and religious scholars view on the

existence of God and faith has been hampered by the fundamentalist’s need of empirical

evidence on every hypothesis while the Christians are contented with the belief in the unknown.

Berry manages to set the tone of the essay by noting, “…and will never, know of any such thing.

There is no proof of this “nothing,” and there is no scientific… attempt such a proof.” (Berry,

21). Berry chooses the Steven’s essay, Without God as a case scenario for the view of

fundamentalists that are aligned to the scientific view that there is no evidence of the existence of

God. In the essay, Berry tries to take a neutral ground on the issue of God’s existence, deftly

resolving the differences between the two conflicting views. He identifies the pros and cons of

each approach and their argument, which…

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