Essay about The Issue Of Legalization Of Voluntary Euthanasia

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Medical science has become relatively advanced for the last decades. Hence, life can now be sustained for a greater period of time even if the patient is under terminal illness (White & Willmort 2012). Nevertheless, the burdens of having to cope of with such sufferings might be too much for some patients to bear. Thus, those individuals instead seek death to put an end to their torments. As such, the question on legalization of voluntary euthanasia has become an important yet controversial issue in Australia. This essay will discuss the arguments that are commonly used by both supporters and critics of such topic. Specifically, the paper will analyze the major concern on the violation of the sanctity of life as well as euthanasia’s involvement in human rights on autonomy.
First of all, several individuals argue that physician assisted suicide stands against our social values on the important of human lives. This claim is based on different viewpoints involving religious ideology, social law and safe guards for the vulnerable. According to Jans (2011), numerous religious ideologies share the idea that life is sacred, of which only the creator has the right to take it away. Since euthanasia is the act of artificially put an end to a person’s life, such action is deem as a violation or an offense against humanity as well as the heavenly lord (White & Willmort 2012). In addition, human lives are also greatly valued in a democratic society based on White’s research (2012). For…

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