The Issue Of Health Behavior Change Essay

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Health behavior change is perhaps the biggest focus of the current generation as they attempt to minimize the costs associated with preventable diseases and deaths across the globe (Eyre, Kahn, & Robertson, 2004). At the top, is the tobacco consumption, followed closely by an unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle, and alcohol consumption in that order, which, unfortunately, accounts for the millions of deaths around the world. In the United States alone, tobacco use accounts for approximately four hundred thousand deaths annually despite the government spending millions of dollar to create awareness about tobacco effects. Away from tobacco use is the physical inactivity and unhealthy diet, which is the focus of this paper in an attempt to establish how such behaviors highly contribute to heart diseases and perhaps type II diabetes. Lack of physical exercises and poor eating behaviors have seen the emergence of an obese populace, which is definitely a major health risk for diabetes and other heart diseases. Overweight adults are likely to get hypertension and coronary heart disease (Eyre, Kahn, & Robertson, 2004).
Some of the major contributors to the deadly diseases mentioned above are tobacco use, physical inactivity, excessive alcohol intake, and poor dietetics, although genetic factors cannot be overruled (Barwais, Cuddihy, & Tomson, 2013). This paper will focus on these behaviors in an attempt to modify them to fit the recommended levels and perhaps live a healthier life.…

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