The Issue Of Global Warming Essay

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In a 2014 study conducted by Gallup Poll, forty-three percent of Americans reported feeling little to no concern over the issue of global warming (Newport, 2014, 1). In the same study, only forty-one percent of people stated being concerned with extinction of plant and animal species, and as little as thirty-five percent expressed worry over global climate change (Newport, 2014, 1). Although it is disappointing that many do not seem to care about the state of the environment, it is very difficult to harshly criticize their apathetic attitude. When bills are due and jobs are scarce, priorities become more centered on personal survival than anything else. Nonetheless, preserving the environment still remains one of the most pressing issues of 2016. Yes, college student debt is skyrocketing and the real estate industry is still reeling from effects of the Great Recession. However, care for the earth is crucial for the preservation of animal species and prosperity of future generations.
The earth is home to millions of beautiful creatures. African rainforests are richly populated with stunning animals such as the African Grey Parrot, and wooded forests give homes to red-cockaded woodpeckers and grizzly bears. Nonetheless, due to deforestation, pollution, excessive emission of greenhouse gases and other destructive environmental practices, many animal species struggle to find homes. The Sumatran elephant, for example, vies for a home after “half of its population has been lost…

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