The Issue Of Gender Identity Essay

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“I just remember going to bed that night and praying to God that while I slept, he would fix the mistake and when I woke up that I’d be the boy I knew I was supposed to be,” Derrick says to me. At six-years-old, he feels like he was born in the wrong body, but at that age, he didn’t even know what transgender (a person whose gender identity does not correspond to that person’s biological sex assigned at birth) meant. Early on he wanted to wear what the boys got to wear when going swimming, though he wasn’t allowed because his mother explains to him that he was a girl. Struggling with self-conflict is hard enough, it is even harder when you struggling with gender identity issues on top of that. We all have something about ourselves that other people don’t always like, but being able to be who we are truly meant to be takes a tremendous amount of courage and willpower.
Derrick, being transgender female-to-male (FTM), talked to me openly about the struggle he and his family had in his early years. He explained to me how difficult it is not being able to express these feelings clearly when he was a child. “There were just a lot of disagreements during my younger years, because what my family wanted and what I wanted was vastly different from each other and I had no way of communicating my feelings in a way for them to understand,” he states. He began having a difficult time around the age that children start to form their own sense of style and are more verbal about how they…

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