The Issue Of Discrimination Based On A Person 's Ethnicity Essay

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Dominic Tedesco Video Paper 2

1. The sociological problem that this video addressed was the issue of discrimination based on a person’s ethnicity. More specifically, the video covered the struggles faced by the Native American population and the indigenous Hawaiian population. These two groups of people have had many injustices done to them. They faced similar types of discrimination and in both situations there have been attempts to take the culture and history away from these people. The video also focused heavily on the aspect of land. Both groups, Hawaiians and Native Americans, were settled on their respective land long before white settlers occupied the area. Historically, it has been viewed that the land was unfairly taken away from the indigenous people. However, now that the indigenous people have become more educated and organized, they are fighting against the injustices done to their people in the past and trying to reclaim their proud culture.
2. Most people who are not native Hawaiians or Native Americans are not even aware that this is sociological issue. Since it may be considered a dark part of our American history, the seizing of land from indigenous people was not the most widely discussed topic in our schools. I actually remembering learning, straight from a textbook, that the land was properly and fairly bargained for, with the Native American people getting a…

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