The Issue Of Bernie Sanders Essay

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With the presidential elections upon the horizon, it is very crucial to exam the potential candidates. Bernie Sanders is one of the Democratic candidates running for president. He was elected to the United State senate after sixteen years as a Vermont congressman in the House of Representatives. In 1981, he was elected as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Under his administration, the city made mayor stride in affordable housing, child care, progressive taxation, environmental protection, women’s rights, youth programs, and the arts. Now, Bernie Sanders would like to do the same for all of America. American’s should vote for Bernie Sanders to be president because he supports free health care, free college tuition, and getting our middle class Americans out of poverty. First reason being, in 2008, mental health agencies and advocates had succeeded in getting the Mental Health Parity Act signed. It required insurers to provide equal coverage for both physical and mental health needs. However, 21 states have refused the Affordable Care Act’s provision to expand Medicaid coverage for citizens of their states. Bernie Sanders believes that we must make sure that mental health services are available to all Americans regardless of income. In 2013, he introduced The American Health Security Act which provides every American with affordable and comprehensive healthcare services through the establishment of a national American Health Security Program. It was written to provide…

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