The Israel-Palestinian Conflict: The Conflict Between Israel And Israel

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Since 1948 a brutal feud between Israel and Palestine broke out and since then has been a never ending chain of attacks towards one another. The hopeful outcome for both nations is complete control over the holy land , which was home to Palestinian muslims, but is slowly being divided and conquered by Israeli Jews. As said by president Barack Obama "The question, then, is what kind of future Israel will look forward to. And that brings me to the subject of peace." (n. pag. How Obama Just Refrained) Israel’s vicious attacks toward Palestine have caused not only issues between the two nations but also in other countries nearby.
The war began in 1948 with an attack from the Zionists, also known as Israeli Jews. The main belief of the Zionists is the Jews should have a nation of their own. Over time the numerous attacks from the Zionists to reclaim the land of Jerusalem have shown progress. Israel would often confiscate Palestinian bank accounts, land and , businesses. One of Israel’s battle tactics is to bombard Palestinian from their home and rob them of anything they have,”Israel claims that allowing Palestinian refugees to return to homes left will destroy the Jewish nature of
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In biblical reference, if the land, Jerusalem, was the land Israel, as described in the bible then that If the land described in the bible as Israel was the same land as described by the Israelis, then this would prove that the Israeli did leave the land after the constant harassment by the Egyptians who have inhabited their lands. Though to the Israelis this act was not surrendering and giving up their land, but being forced out of their lands by the Egyptians. The battle for the land is not just for land it is also a religious war. It is a war of two nations of completely opposite nations who are fighting for sacred

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