The Islamic State The Dependency Of Resources Essay

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During the antiquity of the Islamic state the dependency of resources that depict the life of Muhammad accurately were extremely scarce, once Ibn Ishaq presented his narrative on the prophet Muhammad’s biography it influenced hundreds to thousands and arguably millions of lives, changing the perspective of believers (Muslims) and non-believers (sharik) . Ibn Ishaq’s superb use of literary technique to persuade his audience of this Meccan tribal-born man Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah’s prophetic existence. Although the sitar (biography) is far less reliable than any other antique Islamic resource; such as the Hadith, Tafsir, or Akhbar, does not mean this narrative did not have any less profound effects on its audiences. Sorts of resources such as, historical events within Islamic history; Battle of Badr (642), Battle of Uhad (625), and the Battle of the Trench (627), the Islamic Holy uncreated text the Qur’an, and the last here but not the last of many more from “the Life of Muhammad” is the parallel nature of the Sitar to other Christian/Jewish Holy texts.

Throughout “The Life of Muhammad” a series of parallels alluding to Jewish and Christian theological scripture (Bible, Torah). Ironically enough these resources reinforce Ibn Ishaq’s theological claim. In that fact the regions and audience Ibn Ishaq’s story is intended for, (Muslim or not) had accepted the existence of previous prophets. Subsequently Ishaq cleverly presents Muhammad’s legitimacy. Beginning with “Muhammad in…

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