The Islamic Republic Essay

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Unknowingly to the world, during these months of ostensible silence from Supreme Leader Rouhani on his foreign policy, he frequently visits Ayatollah Khamenei in the hospital. He is genuinely concerned about the health and condition of Ayatollah Khamenei, but does not believe he can make any change if Ayatollah Khamenei recovers. After several months of visiting Ayatollah Khamenei and talking with his doctor, while also formulating his foreign policy objective and slowly changing the culture with IRGC, he decides Ayatollah Khamenei shall not recover.
The Friday following the decision that Ayatollah Khamenei will not recover, Supreme Leader Rouhani begins implementing his vision for the future of the Islamic Republic. He takes the podium at the Friday prayer, this time accompanied by President Hassan Khomeini and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and starts his sermon, which focuses on his foreign policy approach and its subsequent internal benefits. He begins with that fact he championed the JCPOA deal with the approval of former Supreme Leader Khamenei, and that he hopes to use this negotiation as a blueprint for future negotiations with the West and particularly the United States. Supreme Leader Rouhani follows this statement with a reassuring declaration for the Iranian people that this does not mean that the West will dictate its views to the Iranian nation, but instead this will bring about further economic progress in Iran and allows for Iran to negotiate from its…

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