Essay on The Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan

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The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked multiethnic country located within South Asia and Central Asia. The country’s strategic location along important trade routes connecting Asia to Europe and the Middle East has made it a target by invading emperors and armies for centuries. The unforgiving Afghan terrain of deserts and mountains has left even the strongest armies defeated. The Hindu Kush mountain range runs northeast to southwest dividing the Northern provinces from the rest of the country. The country’s highest peak is Noshaq Mountain at 7,485 meters high. It is the second highest peak in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The mountainous area of the country also contains seismic activity. Landslides and avalanches are a constant threat inside the mountain range. The climate in Afghanistan varies greatly depending on the terrain. In the dry, arid desserts of the southwest temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In the rugged mountainous terrain of the northeast temperatures can reach as low as -24, degrees Fahrenheit.
Extensive surveys have revealed a large number of natural resources that are economically important. One significant discovery was the country’s natural gas deposits, with large reserves located near the city of Mazar-e Sharif. Many coal deposits are located on the northern slopes of the Hindu Kush. Major coal-fields are scattered between the capital Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif. However, Afghanistan’s energy resources, including its…

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