Essay on The Islamic Religion Of Saudi Arabia

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When Americans think about women in Saudi Arabia, they think about women being deprived in all aspects in life. It might come as a shock to know that women are encouraged to participate in achieving a higher education. However, Saudi Arabia’s system still has some issues that they need to resolve when it comes to women’s education. Saudi Arabia still has issues with school rules, funding, and gender equity. Thinking about Saudi Arabia, one thing undoubtedly pops to mind…religion. The Islamic religion is known for being related to situations where the woman is classified as a second-class citizen or is prevented from doing things that women would be allowed to do in America. However, the Islamic religion is a strong believer of formal education. Muhammad the Prophet is quoted to say that every Muslim deserves the right to go out and gather knowledge, meaning that gender should not be an obstacle towards getting an education (Al-Hariri, 1987). Having an influential person be stated saying that makes it more likely for people to listen to the message and accept it. In the Quran it is also stated that women should be treated exactly like their male counterparts (Al-Hariri, 1987). The message goes on further to say that not only should education be for everyone, but there should be no difference in the treatments and opportunities that individuals are given due to their gender.
It has taken a while, but women are making strides in the educational system in Saudi Arabia.…

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