The Is The View That We Are Free Essay

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Libertarianism is the view that we are free, and believe in the idea of freewill suggests that there is an important relationship between freedom and moral responsibility. Freewill means that we should be held morally responsible for the actions that we freely preform. Libertarians hold the view that moral responsibility require freedom, they suggest we have a sense of self-determination and freedom in order to act. Libertarians are also described to be in-compatibilists, as they argue that freewill cannot be compatible with determinism.

Libertarians hold the conscience a non-empirical concept of great importance; the conscience is the idea that we should only do things we are happy, acting in ways that fit our principles and beliefs. No one should be forced against their will, although it is acknowledged that a person’s conscience can become ‘clouded’ due to social pressures that may lead to us acting immorally, because our ability to truly act freely becomes hindered. Libertarians despite this hold conscience to be important, and see it as a central part of human dignity and integrity.

Libertarians hold the view that what matters is that choices are casually undetermined, and as free moral agents we our able to decide we do. In order for us to have complete freedom, this action must be casually undetermined; the agent must be the sole cause of the action. To ensure freewill, there first must be an uncaused action. Libertarians believe that it is impossible to prove…

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