The Is The Latin Name For The Western Long Beaked Echidna Essay

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Zaglossus bruijni is the Latin name for the Western Long-beaked Echidna (IUCN, 2016). In 1982 the species became Vulnerable up until 1994 where it then increased to endangered, the most up to date assessment on the Western Long- Beaked Echidna in 2008 and classes it as Critically Endangered (IUCN,2016). This species is found in the Vogelkop Peninsula of Papua Province, Indonesia. It had been thought to have been Australia at one point due to the aboriginal artwork located on Arnhem Land as well as Pleistocene fossil remains. However, is now considered to be extinct (Helegen & Flannery, 2016). The diet of the Zaglossus bruijni consists mainly of earthworms, however, insect larvae and ants, they use the spikes on their tongue to grip onto the earthworm (Flannery, 2002). The Zaglossus bruijni is protected in Papua New Guinea. However, it is not protected from traditional hunting there, due to the hunting the Zaglossus bruijni biggest threats to its population is hunting dogs as they can track and detect the animals. However, hunting dogs provide us with the ability to find Zaglossus bruijni as they are extremely difficult to trace. Habitat degradation due to farming is not a primary cause for the loss of population, however, it is a contribution which increases the chances of predation as they are vulnerable. As they only produce one offspring repopulating the species will take a long time (IUCN, 2016). Data in 1982 found that 1.6 Zaglossus existed per kilometre squared, If…

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