The Is Not Worthy Of Fear Essay examples

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The notion of getting older, one day is too frightening me. I wonder what could I have done in the past to change the future. I reminisce of all the things I have done with the people that I love.
But, at the end the day, I look forward to getting older. I look forward to the memories that I will make, which one day will be stories told between two friends or family members about their crazy grandmother Gabriella. E.B. White 's essay represents the fears that adults, but mostly parents, face when seeing children grow up and experience life the same way they once did. These nostalgic moments turn to fear of losing their youth. I believe that White 's essay is a manifestation of a midlife crisis that fails to show what life has to offer after growing up. Death is not worthy of fear.
Death is a recognition of life which should be celebrated. In the essay, White does not realize how necessary yet precious it is.
Children are miniature replica 's of their parent 's, who share the interest in addition to common traits between both the mother and the father. I am hopeful that one day I will be a parent because children are full of potential, intelligence and are eager to learn. In the essay, E.B.
White 's son reminded him of himself at that age and saw every inch of curiosity that he once had while visiting the lake when he was with his father. This scared him. In one passage he says, "the boat was the same boat, the same color green and the ribs broken in the same places, and…

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