The Is Not Carrying A Gun Control Essay

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Early in October there was a shooting at a community college in Oregon. Nine were killed many were injured, either physically, emotionally, or both. This is only one of many school shootings that have happened this year alone. On November third there was a stabbing at University of California Merced where four were injured. After the school shooting in Oregon the country was in mourning and many outraged at the possibility that something like this had happened, again. People called for tighter gun control, claiming that their accessibility to firearms was the reason so many have been hurt in shootings nationwide. In Merced, the suspect was not carrying a gun. Although they are similar atrocities, they were both done with the sole intent of one person that was fueled with rager because of their sinful nature.
The media is constantly bombarding society with the latest controversial topic. For example, as of recently some of these have been, marriage equality, defunding Planned Parenthood, euthanasia, the list goes on. A recurring and controversial topic that is being discussed, especially since one of the most recent school shootings is gun control. The topic of gun control is not something new. Different people have different ideals and beliefs when it comes to all of life 's decisions. Looking at a bigger picture, what does the Bible have to say about it? Where do gun control and self defense meet a muddy border that creates growing tension between the people of this…

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