The Is Not Being Judged Essay

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cherophobic person can talk and be sure that he/she is not being judged. A psychologist can help figure the reason why aversion to happiness has developed and probably help the person cope with the condition. Positive talk from peers, family, and friends can be very helpful for anyone who is suffering from cherophobia. Negative talk such as “stop being a coward” can have a big negative effect on someone who is cherophobic and in some cases, it would make it harder to cope with it. Being with good company is always good. It is hard to think of bad things when surrounded by positive people and while enjoying good company. Smiling and feeling confident can be a big help as well. Studies have shown that smiling (even a forced smile) can positively affect someone’s mood. It can make a person a little bit happiness and it can help people deal with their phobias. Individuals who are scared of happiness would avoid actions and activities that invoke happiness in order to stay calm. Many cultures view happiness as a complete loss of control over life. It is necessary for life and it is a great feeling but it is also very destructive. Life is mostly highs and lows, good and bad. But in some cultures like the Chinese culture, people believe that life is extreme highs and will definitely be followed by extreme lows. So, Chinese people believe that by avoiding the extreme highs, they will be able to avoid the extreme lows. “Extreme happiness begets tragedy” (Pappas). It is true to an…

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