Essay about The Iron Curtain By Anna Funder

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Stasiland is a non-fiction narrative authored by Anna Funder that entails the life, in East Germany, of both victims and members of the Stasi and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It explores the life ‘behind the iron curtain’ through personal anecdotes and interviews. Via Funder’s investigation it becomes apparent that only some of the victims of the Stasi have not fully recovered and that many of their inflictions can be attributed to influences other than the Stasi.

Anna’s first interviewee, Miriam Weber, was clearly disadvantaged by the Stasi’s involvement in her life and it is clearly obvious that she still hasn’t fully recovered. Miriam “became an enemy of the state at the age of sixteen” and this led her through a traumatic chain of events that left her tainted and eventually “no longer human”. Her husband Charlie had a suspicious death shrouded in mystery – a death that Miriam never comes to terms with. Even at the time of the interview Miriam is still investigating Charlie’s death through analysing reconstructed Stasi files in the hope that “there’s something about Charlie in them”. The preoccupation with the happenings of Charlie delay her from moving forward, she is unable to look for a partner because it would be “too hard, to explain everything”. Funder conveys Miriam’s traumatic experience with Funder’s feelings of sympathy and uncomfortableness throughout the text; she states understandingly that she wanted “someone to give her a rub”. Funder has shown…

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