The Inventory Management System Of IKEA

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The report talks about a well-know company, IKEA. This paper shows description about IKEA, defines its business, background, location, customers and the market that it serves. In addition, this report chooses one of the company’s systems, explains it, shows the importance of the system to the company, identifies and lists the logical requirements for the system. A Project Responsibility Matrix, which shows the role of each member of the group is available in the last page on the report.
IKEA overview
IKEA is a private cooperation, global home products retailer that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, bathroom and kitchen items in their retail stores across the world. IKEA headquarters in Deft, Netherlands. There is grand total
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Inventory management system considered as one of the systems that IKEA use to deal with their inventories. Inventory management is one of the most important systems that cannot be ignored in the company. In general, inventory management basically focuses on identifying the amount and the items that the company has in their inventory. Specifically, inventory management means the activity of overseeing and managing of the storages, orders, and the components that the company uses in the production of the products they sells. IKEA uses inventory management system to help them to be more profitable by increasing their sales or by decreasing their cost of goods sold. Also, it helps the company to track their inventory to prevent any shortage and to have just enough inventories in the warehouse. In addition, it makes the ordering process faster for the company. By using this system it would be easier to the company to scan the barcode of any item and interning some information to place an order and generate an invoice. IKEA prefer developing an inventory management system instead of buying one, because their competitors who are already in the market use the same system. So, it’s much easier for them to develop an existing

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