The Invention Of The Nineteenth Century Essay

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English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said, “The greatest invention of the nineteenth century was the invention of the method of invention.” Those insightful words could not ring more true when spoken at the time. The world was changing and science and technology was at the forefront of this movement. New manufacturing processes were developed and instead of everything being hand-made, goods were produced in factories. As more new machines were invented, production became increasingly faster. With the emergence of science in the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution accomplished one of two things: it changed how things were manufactured and changed how people lived. More importantly, it changed English culture and society and new classes emerged during this era. One of the impacts of the Industrial Revolution that changed English society in the nineteenth century was urbanization. Before the Industrial Revolution, the vast majority of people grew their own crops and lived on farms. At this time, little machinery was available and people had to do everything and make everything by hand (McCormick paraphrase). Even furniture, clothing, and paper were made skillfully by hand. However, all that changed when machines were invented. Eventually, hand labor became a thing of the past because the invention of machines. Now working in buildings, urban workers operated water-powered, steam-powered, and foot-driven machinery (Licht paraphrase p 33).…

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