The Invention Of The First Pain Killer Essay

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The first safe and effective medicine created was aspirin, introduced in 1899 (Buzzeo). The creation of the first pain-killer was the first step to becoming a drug-obsessed society. Everyone saw how well it worked; consequently, throughout the 1900’s several new drugs were created and introduced, promising to be safe and effective, just like the original aspirin. As more and more pills were created, people were convinced every problem they had was one pill away from being non-existent. Well, these people were right: the pills did work most of the time and had a great benefit on our society. The creation and advancement of medicine has helped humans feel better and live longer. "Life expectancy has been increasing pretty steadily for the last 50 years or so," said Robert Anderson, chief of the Mortality Statistics Branch at the CDC 's National Center for Health Statistics (Reinberg). Although medicine has been attributed to helping our society live longer, medication is being overused, and it has become an epidemic. A Mayo Clinic study found that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two (Nauert). This illustrates perfectly the medicine-obsessed society we live in today. The United States has become an over-medicated society leading to many negative effects. So, how did we become hooked on medicine, and who is to blame? We could blame doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors have a tendency to over prescribe.…

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