The Invention Of The Automobile Industry Essay

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Abstract In the united states we have change over the last three centuries. From the train when they first started the railroad system. Wagons and carriage was created that people could drive themselves on the dirt roads other than horses. Then cars were creating around the time the highway system cane into place. When Henry Ford decided to have the mass production of cars made it became the one of the most innovation for the car industry. When cars first came to be popular the “biggest three companies were General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.” These companies are still popular today after the years of innovation. Today, the automobile industry has expanded over thousands of cars, trucks, vans, and suv. Automobile is now having the hybrids car that can run with gas and electronic. One day will probably have different automobiles that will not need gas at all. People that are salesmen at the car dealership will usually get commission depends on how many cars that they sold. The automobile is a big deal America so that people are able to around to work and school instead of waiting on a taxi or bus that will take about longer to arrive to location. The automobile
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Automotive Industry
The automotive industry is one of the largest industry. Car prices are always going up and down. It is one of the largest economy revenue every year. When you have to get tag renewal for cars…

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