The Interview Of A Interview Essay

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The majority of the interview took place during periods three, five, and six, but I was able to ask her a few questions before and between the other periods I shadowed her. I first asked her about her schedule and what classes she had other than English and math at the end of the day. She explained that she had three other classes, government, IT, and band. When I expressed curiosity as to how that worked since she didn’t have a science course. Students are given the option to opt out of science their junior year and take it their senior year, which is what she had elected to so. The main reason she did this was so that she didn’t feel overwhelmed during the school year between the college courses and band. She also needed to take a health class but hadn’t decided whether or not she would take it next semester or over the summer and that decision sort of rested in what her best friend was doing since she also needed to take health. From that I was curious what IT fell under, if it was an elective and why she choose it. She explained that IT was a career readiness class and that she liked using the new technology. I then asked her if she wanted to continue on to have a career as a graphic designer or something dealing with software. Sarah wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do yet. She was thinking of majoring in music and minoring in IT for software development or possibly going in to the military. She then told me that that the reason she was considering the…

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