The Intersection Of Public Finance And Macroeconomics Essay

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I am a PhD and job market candidate in Economics at Georgia State University, Atlanta. My research is at the intersection of public finance and macroeconomics, with an emphasis on issues related to development and international trade. My dissertation focuses on applying and generalizing econometric methods to analyze political phenomenon to find associations between economic behavior and political institutions. However, my pursuits are not limited only to public economics, but extend to macroeconomics and international trade.

Current Research

My dissertation is titled “Essays on Corporate Taxes, Monetary Policies and Economic Development”. The first chapter of my Dissertation and my Job market paper is titled “Do Transfer Pricing Anti-Avoidance Rules Decrease International Profit Shifting?” In this paper, I focus on multinational enterprises (MNEs) which often manipulate transfer pricing in order to minimize their tax burden and maximize global profits. In response, governments impose and strengthen transfer pricing anti-tax avoidance rules. In this paper, I develop a model in which MNEs respond to differences in corporate tax rates worldwide by shifting profits to advantageous tax jurisdictions via transfer pricing. Using detailed firm level data on MNEs located in 46 countries between 2008 and 2014, I find evidence of significant profit shifting in MNEs located in both developed and developing countries. I also find that, while the number of transfer pricing anti-tax…

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