The Internet 's Effects On Society 's Literacy, Retention Of Knowledge, And Cognitive Skills Today

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Are there noticeable differences in the internet’s effects on society’s literacy, retention of knowledge, and cognitive skills today as Nicholas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” states? (Carr, N., 2008). I believe the answer is yes, but I would further ask if the changes are negative, or just different? The author states in his article that he is nervous about technology, such as the internet, negatively impacting our minds, and ability to effectively communicate. He acknowledges the internet’s usefulness in quickly finding information. However, he is more concerned that societies dependence on technology, and the distraction it causes, is diminishing reading, writing, and overall reasoning skills. An interesting point from Carr is when the internet becomes involved with a certain medium, it absorbs it, and the medium is recreated in the internet’s image. He fears that society is now that object being consumed, and reshaped in its image. He does acknowledge that communication is everywhere, but little is known about its long term effects on society. Understanding this fact does little to abate his fears.
I would argue that there isn’t one invention, such as the internet, or event that changed how society communicates, reads, or retains information. I truly believe that change is inevitable, and it is an accumulation of advancements over time which evolved the means, and methods on how society communicates to one another. Technological advances play a…

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