Essay The Internet Of Things ( Iot )

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a common phrase, even for people who are not deeply interested in technology and research. From a simple household Thermostat to complex Industry of Intelligent Things (IIoT), IoT is steadily influencing our present and the future. Schwab (2016) refers this change as “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Advances in Artificial Intelligence is accelerating this revolution by spawning a new flavor of Internet of Things, which is referred as Internet of Intelligent Things (Bello & Zeadally, 2016). This concept has always been of great interest for me and remains a driving gear for my motivations in research.
I spent most of my senior year (B.E) in studying software development and Intelligence in electrical systems (Smart systems). I worked on projects such as Integrated Smart Meters alongside Schneider Electric and High Voltage Breakdown Automation sponsored by National Instruments which seamlessly implemented Internet of Things. My interests during my Bachelor’s degree mostly involved computational and programming related topics rather than traditional electrical engineering curriculum. I pursued an online course from Stanford on Artificial Intelligence systems and wrote my first code on AI. Since then, AI has always been a concept of keen interest to me. When IBM conducted a national level programming contest at my college, it involved a case study on IoT in cloud infrastructure. Since the topic seemed so ahead of its time, I made an honest attempt to…

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