The Internet For Advertisements For Criminal Justice Administrative Positions

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Explore the Internet for advertisements for criminal justice administrative positions. Review the qualifications and job descriptions for these positions and compare them with administrative responsibilities discussed in chapter 1.
According to our text (Cronkhite), administrators are held responsible for two (2) major responsibilities. The first is to achieve the social or public mission of the organization. The second is to satisfy the needs of employees (Cronkhite, 2013, p. 4). Satisfying the needs of the employees goes hand in hand with executive leaders that are developed, educated, and is able to understand and create the proper culture of leadership from the top down. For the mission to be successful it must be fully understood from the executive level down to the police officer working the street, a good administrator understands that listening equals understanding, trust equals respect, loyalty equals strength, and communication equals connectivity. These are the things that inspire one to act in the right way, and set the proper mindset and create a followership (H. D. Crisp, personal communication, February 9, 2016).
In reviewing the required reading for this question, the following terms were noted as it relates to administrative responsibilities (Cronkhite, 2013, p. 4):
• Organization, a group of two (2) or more people with organized efforts to accomplish common goals as well objectives.
• Management, being able to achieve common goals as well objectives…

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