The Internet And The Variety Of Digital Platforms Essay

841 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Carlee Nussbaum
Module 5

Throughout history, the Internet and the variety of digital platforms have revolutionized the news industry in a variety of ways. Through the documentary, Page One: Inside The New York Times along with many readings, there are a variety of ways and examples to show how the news has changed through the Internet and digital platforms. An article, “How Social Media is Supporting a Fundamental Shift In Journalism, states that, “Journalism was something reserved for a select few with the training and resources to break and proliferate compelling news stories- a system that many still consider to be the most accurate and reliable way to get their news. However, that basic idea, and crucial societal function, is experiencing a fundamental shift”. The quote from that article makes the statement very clean that journalism has changed throughout the years of the Internet and digital platforms. “The State of the News Media 2015, states that, “newspaper weekday circulation has now fallen 19% since 2004”. The article mentions how there are so many different digital news competitors that it is vey difficult to keep track of them all. Social Media has made one of the biggest changes for the news industry. Much of the news that we hear now a day is seen on Social Media before it even hits the TV news channels. The State of the New Media article talks about how some research shows that adults said that they get most of their government and politics…

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