The International Holiday Folk Fair Essay

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Every person around the world is living within the presence of a culture. This culture may be American culture or it could be youth, Latino, or even college culture. Whatever it is, culture is everywhere and it is what makes every person unique and original. When people begin to go outside of their culture into new and foreign lands, they often times find themselves feeling awkward because they are unsure of the culture around them. In my life that happened to me when I visited the International Holiday Folk Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was November 22, 2013 when I travelled to the International Holiday Folk Fair with my French III class. Our class, along with the Spanish class, was going to the folk fair to learn about the variety of cultures outside of America and more about the places we were studying. At the folk fair we were able to taste a countless number of native dishes, speak with people from other cultures, wear native clothing, listen to a variety of music, and watch each culture perform different dance routines. There were countless cultures that were represented at the folk fair. African, Egyptian, Jamaican, Nigerian, Scottish, Spanish, Israeli, Korean, Swiss, Chinese, and Indian are just some of the cultures we were able to interact with. I believe that going to this folk fair describes an “awkward cultural experience” in my life because I had never interacted this close with foreign people before, let alone thousands of them. Ultimately I did not feel…

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