Essay On Slavery In American History

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American history is quite complex, specially the slavery part since it marks a before and after of the American history. From completely inequality to totally equality that black people could own slaves to freedom. The ugly word of “slaves” means the low status that a human could have. Slaves were not even considered persons so there for they didn’t have any rights, no rights at all since they were not even considered to be persons. They were not even allowed to have rights, properties, vacations, wages or even getting married or consume alcohol.
Now a day it is something that you can´t even consider since I believe everyone has rights since we all are humans. Thanks to the “era” of slavery we think like that now a days. I believe that this essay reflects a historical contact since It comes from the brutal impact of having salvage slavery where the slaves did not have any rights since they were not considered to be people to the equality of the race and freedom. Now a day we have equality between races and most important freedom thanks to Anthony’s the negro and Equiano actions between 1655 and 1780. In the First Source “: Court Ruling on Anthony Johnson & His Servant (1655)”
Anthony Johns most know as “Anthony the negro” came to British
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Mr Bennet was impressed with Anthony´s ability to comprehend the mechanism and businesses or farming. The Bennett’s family was really satisfied with Anthony work that they even allowed him to farm independently, marry the only African-American women on the plantation and even baptize his children. That was a big step for “Anthony the negro” since all the other slaves or workers they did not have those privileges or even those wrights since the slaves in that time they were not even considered persons. In 1640, 19 years after Anthony arrived in to American soil, the negro gained his freedom and purchased his own land, freeing himself of the shackles of

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