The Insinuations Of Food Throughout Modern Society Essay

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The Insinuations of Food in Modern Society
Food in Our Lives
At its core, food is a source of fuel needed by our bodies in order to survive. Throughout humanity’s existence, different cultures and nationalities have shaped the ingredients native to their region into something spectacular. Each group of people have developed their own cuisine. Many foods may share similar ingredients but each group carries its own distinction. Food allows a culture to express and share their creativity and history. Its nature as a commodity has brought others together in celebration and driven them to war at its worst. Due to a culture’s passion for their own food, it can become a highly debated and even violent topic to discuss in a critical manner. This issue can even occur within a single culture, forcing people to take sides. While arguing over which food is superior may seem like harmless debate, it has proven to be destructive in the wrong hands.
Food playing a part in our identity can lead to criticism centered on a culture’s fondness for a certain aspect of their cuisine. A stereotype is a (normally inaccurate) generalization made upon an individual or group. One such example of stereotyping is the African American’s and their “love” of fried chicken. This stereotype claims that all African Americans love chicken and eat it very frequently. While this stereotype is obviously inaccurate, the reasoning behind it can be viewed as a symbol of pride for African Americans.…

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