The Insider/Outside Debate in Religion Essay

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One of the major debate in religious studies is the believers/observers or insiders/outsiders position. The debate is about how the individual position themselves in the study. Often the discussion is put into term of “emic” and “etic”. The outsider’s approach is to produce a completely informative description or productions of sound, behavior, beliefs. This is the emic or phonemic approach. The insider’s approach is the observer being involved in the activities that are being preformed at the time of the study. This is the etic or phonetic approach. These approaches continue to create debate by Rudolph Otto and Mircea Eliade. They argue for the emic approach. They claim that by using any
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This is just the opposite in Lane’s work, which argues that the sacred is “that which chooses, rather than that which is chosen”. Kong understands the difficulties in analyzing how “politics shape poetics” in societies studies whereas in the studies on the poetics of the sacred ignore politics. This she claims this is due to romanticization. Even more important this shows that

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