The Influences Of Socialization On A Child Essay

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The Influences of Socialization on a Child

Nhandi Long-Shipman, Janelle Green, Jalen Epps, and SharQuita Dubard


Socialization is a perennial convivial experience in which people develop their human potential. Every social experience that we encounter affects us in ways, no matter how immensely colossal or diminutive the changes in us are. However, several of these settings are more important and influential than others. Our family, schools, peers, and the media change us in several ways and guide the socialization process. These social setting affect the way on which we socialize with others. Education enlarges children 's social world to include people with different backgrounds different from their own (Macionis, 2011). When children start school they begin to see the many different kinds of people, or things, and encounter others who differ from them, whether it is a foreign teacher or a student of a different race. This is a social widespread disease that explains why children group into playgroups of one race or social position. It explains why we unconsciously racially profile ourselves. Children talk with people themselves into (male/female status) roles with the help of both family and school.We also come to understand that what children learn in school goes beyond planned lessons and informally teaches a hidden (school courses) curriculum. Education is, additionally, not the same for children living in rich and poor communities (Martinez,…

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