Ancient Rome's Influence On Modern Architecture

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Legacies can take on many forms, from money to wisdom and many other things. For the Romans their legacy came in the form of religion, politics, and architecture. The Romans religious practices, use of the republic, and the practicality of their architecture still influences modern day people.

2.Info 1: Religion

Christianity is a religion based on the belief on an after life

•Ignores wealth and status

•Tale of a man who died but then lived again

•One God

•No longer about ignoring wealth and status for some

One of the many things that was passed on from the Romans to modern day people is religion. Religion played an important part in Roman society once it was legalized and made the official language of
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Roman architecture was extremely practical and every component of the structures served a purpose while also remaining beautiful. An example of inspiration being taken from Roman capitals can be found in America's capital as well as American political buildings. From the use of columns to the use of the dome, Rome's influence on architecture can be found easily in many buildings. The other place where Rome's influence on architecture can be found in roads, the foundations of homes, sidewalks, and other forms of buildings. Concrete is easily usable and sturdy, so it is no wonder that it is used in all kinds of modern structures. Concrete is the basis of most cities, including Rome. Rome’s architectural achievements helped advance themselves as well as later societies, both concrete and arches/domes being very important parts of modern day architecture.


Rome has passed on architecture, political values/systems, and religion onto modern day peoples. The use of the arch/dome and concrete, the republic, and Christianity have such a heavy influence in modern day civilizations that it is hard to find an aspect of life that could not be traced back to the Romans. Some may forget about the past but, look around, Rome can be found around every

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