The Influence Of My Mother

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Growing up in El Centro, born on December 10, 1960, my mother was the second eldest out of five children. She was born into a loving Latino family, with my grandmother, her mom, being a single mother. I chose to do a collage incorporating her favorite elements, such as her favorite colors and photographs of people who are dear and close to her heart. My moms biggest influence was her grandmother, Grandma Pila. Grandma Pila, as well as my grandmother, was also a single mother for most of her life. My mom admired her for her strength and learned to always believe in yourself and never to rely on a man. My mom’s fondest memory as a child was when she lived next to her grandmother and use to spend a lot of time cooking with her and learning all the special qualities of our culture. My mom’s proudest moment was moving out of her mother’s house and never having to ask for help, she has felt very independent and is thankful for everything her mom has done for her growing up. I chose to draw an elephant to represent her mom, because my grandmother collects anything and everything to do with elephants. Moving onto her own family, my mother met my father in …show more content…
Now I know in my notes I didn’t mention this, but I get my creative and artistic side from my mom. As a child, my mom would always make everyone’s wedding cakes and make little outfits for every occasion. My favorite outfit was a little gingerbread one she made for my sister and I, very detailed and unforgettable. From the brown dyed stockings, to the brown spray painted ballerina shoes, to the gingerbread earrings, I really appreciate my mom going over the top with my childhood. I admire her for sharing her creative side and influencing me to the person I am

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