The Influence Of Media On Youth Violence

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“I am a violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence.”
― John Lennon. There is a popular argument about the influence the media has over youth. Over the course of when America first began having picture televisions in their homes the times have changed immensely, especially the love for violence. As a result, what we see has increasingly gotten more violent on our televisions and with that our children are indirectly exposed to more violence now more than ever. However, is it really the problem of the media? Is it not because the adults pay less attention to their children? Youth violence must be stopped, but maybe it is not the media being the cause of it, perhaps there has barely been any and it is the adults that
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Those with the highest rates in violence are adults now. Most against the idea of media influence on youth violence believe people should make a public outcry for adults as well. However, no one cares about the declining morals of adults because they do not want to face the truth about themselves and refuse to believe that they are now the main cause of violence. There is no real scientific fact that states media is the cause of violence and if the youth truly are being affected then put more effort in having them play outdoors, put them in clubs with hobbies they personally like in order to take their focus away from violent media. Adults should stop blaming and hiding behind the youth for their own wrongdoings, perhaps if there is a cause for youth violence then should not the environment of the child be to …show more content…
If it is not channeled and understood, it will break out in war or in madness.” - Sam Peckinpah. In conclusion, media can affect youths in many ways be it positively or negatively. The media is vast and has many different aspects that affect everyone whether it be by looking at the news or watching any of your favorite shows. And due to how much positive media has come about, there is less violence amongst youths while there is still violence amongst adults that should be exposed and taken care of. It would be wise for parents to keep an eye on their kids and provide them a healthier, more active way of spending their free time. Just like everyone else, children have their own kinds of stress that only they can handle and most of them wouldn’t be so preoccupied with games and television if they did not find some type of relief from it.
It is also fact that while not all children are influenced by violent media, a good percentage of them are no matter how small so, pay attention to them well and know their personalities. Let it be known that for violent movies and video games, we just do not know the relationship between viewing or playing and aggression in the real world. Research to date does not inform us. But we should be concerned and wary of risks. The psychological effect of numerous different things starting from fashion trends, to wanting what you don’t have can be terribly dangerous and we as human being

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