The Influence Of Church And Religion On My Family

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This information came from interviews from different family members including Jan Burg, Travis Burg, Devin Burg, Jordan Burg, Sandy Blue, and Jana Gamage. My family has experienced a major shift in the past three generations, the shift was from a farming family to a suburban family. My great grand parents on both sides were farmers and expected their kids to be farmers because that 's all they really knew back then. When my dad’s parents were young, they took over the family farm. My dad’s parents, however, tried to push their children away from the farming lifestyle that they knew so well, to a suburban lifestyle. My dad’s side of the family grew up in LaHarpe, Illinois and my great grandparents and grandparents still live there today. …show more content…
I used to attend church with my dad when my other siblings were too young to attend and I attended Catholic school until first grade. My mother thinks that going to church does not make you a good person, so she never made me go to church. My dad’s side of the family never missed church. My mom’s side of the family, however, has never seen the inside of a church other than during weddings. Religious affiliation has always been a struggle for my nuclear family because of the clashing opinions about church and religion. The change in religion in my family was a direct result of my mother’s values. One thing that has stayed the same in my family is military …show more content…
Each generation has had at least one person serve our country. We have had family members serve in the Navy, the Army, and the Air Force. My family has been in WWII, the Korean war, Vietnam, and Iraq, just to name a few. The men are pressured more than the women to join, but all service is done with pride and commitment. I will be the first woman to serve for a couple of generations and it comes with great pride to serve this wonderful country. The Iraq war has had the most effect on my life because my dad was sent overseas on active duty. This deployment forever changed my family because my dad has severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his time spent in Iraq and suffers every day from these horrible episodes. Although it has its downsides, military service is an important part of my family.
My family has remained the same politically, voting republican and conservative until my generation. My generation is entirely democratic and liberal, the exact opposite of our elders. I believe that this change is because my generation is well educated and able to truly think for ourselves. We believe that a person is free to do what they what with their body and the government should have no say in those matters. My great grandma was involved with the Red Hat Society, but other than that we do not participate in civil engagements

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