The Infamous Cloud Essay example

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Today you can hear it everywhere. People are always talking about the “Cloud” regurgitating something that they heard at a conference, meeting or even an advertisement. But the reality remains that a lot of people don’t really understand what the cloud means. They imagine it’s some sort of magical or technologically advanced system that exists in space somewhere. However, close that may be to the truth what I have been amazed with is how their eyes open up when they realize that the cloud is nothing more than a server or a cluster of servers that exist in a datacenter that is independent of your physical location and the only way to reach it is over the Internet or WAN connection.
I do believe like we covered in class a lot of companies
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So, besides bandwidth, the other major driving force in any datacenter is Drive space. Whether you’re using a SAN, SSD, TAPE or just a regular IDE OR SCSI Hard drive, you still need to have tons of space to support a large number of users and their data. Again a few years ago Terabytes which can store about 70 hours of HD video cost a pretty penny. Today you can get a Terabyte drive for about $100. It’s gotten to the point where Servers and San’s are talking in terms of Petabytes (1000Terabytes), I know sounds ridiculous.
Another piece of ingenuity is the ability for software to constantly compress data that is not being used regularly. This software intelligently can look for data that is not accessed regularly and compress it more than data that is used on a daily bases. GMAIL is one of the front runners in that Field. They knew that people want to hold on to their E-mails. Who likes deleting an E-mail? Not me. Well even if I don’t delete it doesn’t mean I’m going to read it often, so my older e-mails are compressed to a higher degree which frees up more space on the server. Pretty smart I thought. Other companies have since followed suit.
Virtualization is another key concept that made the cloud offerings possible. I think that many companies were wary about having their data on the same server as another company’s data. What if there was a mistake and someone else saw my data. Yes, I know there can be

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